Effective tax strategies
& procedures

Withholding Tax

We perform Beneficial Owner Test and define payments subject to Withholding Tax.

Entrepreneur Test / Directors Fees

We define methods for employing board members and other natural persons working
or providing services to corporate businesses.

Anti-money Laundering

We provide support in determining and verifying clients and ultimate beneficial owners
for the purposes of applying anti-money laundering and financing anti-terrorism regulations.

New VAT Matrix and Split Payment

We implement porcedures concerning new scheme of VAT rates, Split Payment
and Intra-Community Supplies.

VAT Anti-fraud Procedures

We secure clients against VAT carousels frauds.
We identify characteristics typical for transactions aimed at VAT frauds.

Tax Disputes

We successfully conduct tax disputes.
We do not avoid difficult, challenging matters.

Tax Audits

We have conducted several dozens of tax audits. We ensure accuracy and time efficiency due to excellent knowledge of accounting systems and tax regulations.

  • We are a team of tax advisors with many years’ experience in comprehensive service for large international corporations and medium-sized domestic enterprises.
  • We specialize in creating tax strategies and implementing procedures that ensure secure tax settlements (corporate income tax, value added tax, withholding tax, transfer pricing) as well as in identifying beneficial owners for anti-money laundering purposes,
  • We solve difficult, unusual tax issues, often finding a way out of hopeless situations.
  • Personal involvement of experienced advisers enable us to effectively conduct disputes with tax authorities; we represent our clients during customs/tax inspections and tax proceedings, as well as before administrative courts of both instances.
  • We carry out tax reviews under agreed-upon procedures as well as tax due diligence supporting M&A projects.
  • We secure clients against entering into transactions forming a chain in VAT carousels frauds; our procedures effectively protect taxpayers from establishing cooperation with fraudulent businesses.
  • We build durable, long-term relationships with our clients thanks to practical, useful advice and integrity in business.
  • Our advisers have extensive professional expertise they gained not only in Plich&Partners, but also in the international consulting companies (EY, Accenture) and in large financial institutions (ABN Amro, RBS Plc, NatWest Plc, Pekao SA).
  • Many years of cooperation with foreign tax advisors enable us to provide our clients with support in the implementation of international tax projects.
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