Plich & Partners

Plich & Partners provides tax, financial and accounting advisory services. We serve foreign companies and their Polish subsidiaries as well as Polish companies. We specialize in identifying financial savings and reducing tax risks related to business activity. Our consultants have many years of experience serving the biggest companies run by the most demanding managers.

We have been providing tax consulting services since 1997. Our professional experience comes, among other things, from working in the consulting teams of the Big Four firms. We have been in business as independent consultants since 2003, first within two independent tax practices of Paweł Plich and Izabela Nowak-Grodowska, and after these were merged as the limited partnership Plich & Partners.

We ensure that our clients receive:

  • financial benefits, as well as
  • security of business activity.

We belong to Kingston Sorel International (KS International), an organization grouping 66 audit and consulting firms from 44 countries. Cooperation within KS International enables us to carry out international tax and financial projects that require assistance of our foreign partners.

In addition to tax, financial and accounting services, we offer comprehensive legal advice and financial audit, provided by affiliated legal counsellors and chartered accountants. 


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